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As a company grows and its operations become more complex, corporate governance and management systems become increasingly important in ensuring that the business is well-run, with directors compliant with their duties to shareholders under company law, and to the stakeholders under other related legal obligations.

This is often a somewhat neglected subject in smaller companies with limited numbers of shareholders.

Creating an appropriate Compliance Infrastructure is critical for all businesses, irrespective of their size or the markets and sectors which they serve.

Threats and challenges facing businesses come in all shapes and sizes, including a constantly changing environment of laws and regulations in which we all must operate.

Company valuation, venture funding & IPO

Corporate governance is also a major issue when raising finance or a stock market listing or IPO, or when selling a business to third parties. Incoming investors will expect their interests to be protected by appropriate standards of corporate governance. They will also want to ensure that the interests of management and shareholders are closely aligned.

Correct corporate governance provides an environment for the safeguarding and protection of business assets and the better evaluation of operational efficiency and performance, as well as a greater transparency of operations and results. These are all key areas when evaluating the overall "value" of the business.

We help to address the following issues:

Policies and procedures
We work with you to introduce appropriate corporate governance policies and procedures and to help you manage you company more effectively.

Financial review
We review your historic financial records, filings and corporate documents to ensure all is in order. We review accounting policies to ensure that they are appropriate and prudent and that the company is fully prepared for detailed financial due diligence or audit.

Management reporting and control systems
We review your financial and accounting systems and procedures. Where necessary we develop or enhance financial management and reporting and control mechanisms to ensure the proper running of the business.

Interim finance director
Many growing companies find a full-time finance director would be too expensive or inappropriate. We provide experienced finance directors on a part-time basis to assist in the running of the business. We will also prepare cash flow projections and assist companies in developing their relationships with banks and other lenders.

Non-executive directors
We provide advice on developing the management team and on board structure. Where appropriate we also provide assistance in finding experienced non-executive directors.

Additional Specialist Services

  • Specific compliance reviews

  • Routine monitoring and control

  • Manuals and policies

  • Training

  • Risk-based assessments

  • Compliance management reporting and MIS

Governance and compliance may not be the most exciting subject anyone can think of but it does have to be addressed by all companies if they wish to be successful.

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