Rohit Talwar

  • Rohit Talwar is an internationally renowned futurist, award winning inspirational speaker, consultant and change agent. His core talent lies in motivating teams to think differently, act fast and be FIRST to the FUTURE. Rohit is a personal advisor to CEOs of global corporations, innovative Start-Up companies and governments.

  • Rohit is regarded as one of Europe's leading professional futurists who brings a truly global perspective to his work - drawing on experience gained from speaking and working on all five continents. He combines in-depth research and over 20 years of practical experience to help global businesses develop real insights into future possibilities and act on them to create powerful strategies and deliver innovative change.

  • Rohit focuses on how companies can address emerging opportunities and risks, develop powerful and inspiring future visions and create organisations capable of achieving and sustaining peak performance in a fast changing environment. He is currently helping clients respond to the rise of Asia and is writing a book on China's impact on 21st century global businesses.

Providing practical support to help clients:

  • To prepare them to cope with an uncertain future

  • To identify ways of profiting from future insights

  • To spot opportunities for innovation and enhanced customer service

  • To spot and prepare for potential risks and uncertainties

  • To 'future proof' their thinking

  • To map out and take control of their personal futures

Speaking Topics

Rohit is an internationally renowned futurist and award winning inspirational speaker and profiled as one of the top 10 global futurists by the UK's Independent Newspaper. He inspires and educates through "how to" messages and advice which includes Business, Finance, Economics and Technology.

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